What’s your story? (…and why is it so important?)


I’m not talking about the drama you’re currently going through.

Not your relationships, job, or hobby. Not the roles you play, and not the beliefs you use to define you. Not your bank account, or zip code.

Your story goes deeper.

You can find it like a gold thread that runs through your life, weaving the disparate pieces together into a beautiful pattern; one that reveals who you are underneath your circumstances, dramas, beliefs, and seasons.

Because when it comes right down to it, when you don’t know who you are, you spend a boatload of energy trying to be something else. And that’s exhausting.

Once upon a time there lived a…  Hero? Rebel? Lover? Ruler? Everyman? Jester? Sage? Creator? Magician? Protector? Innocent? Explorer? (playing with Jung’s archetypes here…)

What happens when the Hero thinks she needs to be the Jester? Or the Rebel is groomed to be the Protector? Or the Lover is pushed to be the Ruler?

Dissonance happens. Internal, and external.

In any good story, we yearn, with the characters, for them to find their own path. We cheer on the youngest son, whose pure heart, and bravery set him apart, as he rises above his older brothers on the quest. We root for him, willing him to change his stars. If he can step out of the ill fitted role he was given, then vicariously, so can we.

We are a culture in love with stories. We love the Heroes who inspire us. We love the Jesters who lighten our hearts. We love the Rebels who stand up to the system. We love the Lovers who find each other against all odds. We love them because we long to see people who embody the essence of who they are in their story. It feels ‘right’.

We deeply want to BE who we are.

So… when the little girl is brought up to be a princess, but has the heart of an Explorer… what message does she internalize? Or the little boy who is expected to be a Hero, but is a young Sage?

We learn that who we are isn’t okay. Isn’t enough. Isn’t what the world wants from us. And we disconnect from our own story.

Now, people are delightfully and deliciously complex, and no one role will define any of us. There are however deep running themes, found throughout our lives, that illuminate our stories. These themes show up in many ways:

  • Recurring patterns in desire, relationships, motivations.
  • Innate values and wiring.
  • Passions and drives that are hard wired into you.
  • Those things that bring you deep joy… peace… satisfaction… delight.

Identifying YOUR story is a starting point to living a life that feels ‘right’ to you. This is key. All the techniques… all the motivation… all the drive… all the discipline… leave you cold, if you’re living a story that isn’t yours.

When you’re living your own story, it’s like the tumblers line up and the locks open. Not that life becomes easy… but it becomes meaningful, and fulfilling.

So many people think this is about finding the right job, profession, or relationship… but it’s about an orientation towards our life first and foremost. From there the rest unfolds.

And when we align with that orientation… we have a sense of ‘coming home’.

This year, as Kat and I have been developing our ‘Boundaries for Life’ program, we knew that no training on boundaries would be effective without first helping you explore what your story is.

You can’t take care of yourself effectively until you know who you are. And you can’t safeguard what is important to you, until you recognize its value.

So, we will spend the first part of Boundaries for Life, taking you through our unique process to discover Your story. From there, boundaries (and every other part of your life) become more innate, and we will dive into how to dance well with  yourself and others.

It all begins with reclaiming your story, and honoring you.

If you are ready to discover Your story, and learn how you can live your life in a way that values who you are, fill in your name and email on the form on this page, and we’ll be sharing some goodies (and a free mini training) about what’s coming up with you!!

Looking forward to sharing the journey…


Elizabeth Love