Energy Tools to Thrive This Holiday Season

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On last week’s podcast we talked about how Journey into Being is about coming home to ourselves. We talked about how fast paced life can be, especially during the holidays.  One of the tips Elizabeth shared was to make sure to prioritize time for yourself. This is particularly important for an introvert.  An introvert recharges by spending time alone, away from other folks.  As you carve out a few minutes here and there, think about what you want to experience this holiday season. Ask yourself:  How do I want to feel? Do you want to be frenzied, stressed and rushed?  Or would you prefer to be energized, loving, calm, peaceful, and connected to your inner wisdom?  When you are aligned with yourself, you are more easily able to connect with your truth and your core desired feelings?

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From Elizabeth: Boundary Landscapes


Boundaries mean different things to different people. It can get confusing to know what we mean when we talk about them.

It helps me to categorize the different types of boundaries. I’ve found that I can have good boundaries in one area, but not in another. Recognizing this… and the drivers for each area, help me to see more clearly, what’s happening.

For me, I see 2 main areas that make up the Boundary Landscape:

The first has to do with our dance directly with people:

  • Internal Boundaries (boundaries with ourselves)
  • Personal Relationship Boundaries (friends/family/significant others)
  • Professional Boundaries (working/business)

The second has to do with our dance in the world:

  • how we handle time (ours and others)
  • how we handle space (personal space, relationship space, physical space)
  • how we handle stuff (ours and others)

As you can see… this covers quite a bit of ground, and we can focus in on one area, without recognizing that other areas are causing us pain in our lives.

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Boundaries for Women Training & Retreat – November 2-5, 2014

September 2, 2014

Click to listen to the show: Journey into Being: Boundaries for Women


We (Kathleen Nelson Troyer and Elizabeth Love), are excited to be hosting the first ever Journey Into Being: Boundaries for Women Training and Retreat.  This comes directly out of the work that we have been doing together for the past 2 years. We are thrilled to offer this incredible life changing and transformational experience. You are invited to retreat, adventure, and explore with us on this journey of the mind, body and spirit. This ladies-only 4 days and 3 nights event will be held in the beautiful Crystal Coast of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, which is known for its stunning wildlife, including dolphins and wild ponies.

Boundaries for Women is for women who are ready to take their personal and professional lives to the next level. Learn practical energetic tools to enhance your relationships, your work/business and your life!