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Boundaries for Life:
Learning to Dance with Ourselves & Others
With Elizabeth Love, CLC & Kathleen Nelson Troyer

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Do You Find Yourself:

•    often feeling stressed or overwhelmed?
•    carrying resentment in your relationships?
•    undervaluing your worth?
•    taking care of others without taking care of yourself?
•    being the one who ‘listens and ‘supports’’ all the time?
•    feeling depleted?
•    showing up as who you think others want to see?

What are Boundaries?

In Boundaries for Life, you will learn:

  • Who You Are Under Your Story

    HINT: All Healthy Boundaries Start from Knowing YOU

  • How to Start Valuing Your Own Worth

  • Recognize When Your Boundaries are not Effective

  • How to Create the Effective Boundaries that Truly Nurture YOU

  • How to Communicate Your Needs without Blowing Up on Others

  • How to Reduce Stress Caused by Unclear Boundaries

  • How to Replace Resentment with Authenticity, in Your Relationships

  • How to Handle "Boundary Breakers"

  • How to Stop Playing "Nice" & Start Showing Up REAL

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Boundaries for Life

is a groundbreaking program that examines Boundary Landscapes in an entirely new way.

Why Boundaries

Boundaries impact every aspect of your life. It’s not about walls. It’s not about protection. It’s about relationship, value, expression, creativity, love, intimacy and authenticity. It’s about our dance with ourselves, and our dance with others.

Just like partners ballroom dancing, each holding their own frame, they neither collapse into, nor overrun the other. When we stand clearly in who we are, holding our own space without apology, we’re also able to dance beautifully with others. This is a picture of healthy boundaries.

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How It Works

This program walks you through, step by step, how to recognize, and create healthy boundaries in your own life. It empowers you to transform your boundaries in every aspect of your life, so you can make the money you deserve, create relationships that nurture you, and courageously share your authentic self with the world!

We’ve created this 12 week immersion course for YOU. It is the distillation of years of our work, with hundreds of women, and with ourselves… discovering who we are, and creating healthy boundaries.

Why Our Program

You can do this alone.

But it’s much harder. Much slower. And few are able to stay with it long enough to really experience change.

That’s why we’re offering you this program.

You are too important to spend your life hidden. And life is too short to waste time going in circles and feeling like you aren’t moving forward.

A Safe, Nurturing Space

In this 12 week program, we hold you in a safe, nurturing space, where you are guided, encouraged, and led through our unique discovery process.

We’ve been there… and we continue to grow on this path!

So we know the pitfalls… the swampy places… the washouts in the road… the boogie men who jump out at you, along the trail. They don’t surprise or scare us anymore. ;)

We will help you past them, encourage you through the challenging parts, let you know what’s coming up ahead, and give you the tools to move through it to the other side.

Are You Ready?

It's your turn to experience life in a whole new way.

  • Do you want to accept, love, and value yourself more than you ever thought possible?
  • Are you ready to experience clarity, confidence, trust in yourself?
  • Do you want to show up powerfully in your world?
  • Do you want to make the money you deserve?
  • Do you desire rewarding relationships, based on mutual honor and respect?

Program begins January 28th, 2015
Weekly calls Wednesdays at 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET

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