Podcast: Completions

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Before diving into New Year’s Resolutions, join us as we discuss the importance of completing our current year.   We also guide you through a process with powerful questions to help you complete 2014 gently, powerfully, and peacefully.




Completion questions for 2015:

What were my successes?

What did I do really well?

What do I feel good about?

What did I do that I haven’t given myself credit for?

What am I still holding onto in 2014?

What am I still holding onto that is older than this year?

 What wants to be completed?

What wants to be acknowledged?

What wants to honored?

What wants to be forgiven?

What wants to be released?

What did I learn?

What were the “golden nuggets”?

What knowledge will I bring with me into the future?

Is there any communication with others that I need to have to be able to end 2014 peacefully?

What held me back in 2014?

What does my highest self want me to know that will help me to complete 2014 gently, powerfully and peacefully?

Who am I most grateful for? (The people who are coming up clearly, you might just want to reach out and tell them.)

What are my strengths and skills that I am most grateful for?

What are my best qualities and gifts?

How can I share my gifts with others more?

A couple of forward-thinking questions:

What most wants to emerge from me in 2015?

What am I being called to create?

What am I willing to do to align with my vision?


Know that all of these questions are going to be bubbling and percolating. And when you revisit this you will tap into your own Inner Wisdom to find your answers. If it helps you, write down the questions and your uncensored, private answers!


Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday.


Much love,

Kat and Elizabeth