2014: Boundaries for Women Training & Retreat

This past November, we had 9 women together for a powerful retreat at the Pelican House, on North Carolina’s Emerald Isle. It was a magical time for everyone… laughter, tears, growth, exploration!! Along with wild ponies, ocean views, and dolphins…

November 2-5, 2014

Journey Into Being presents:

Boundaries For Women

Live Training: November 2-5, 2014

Energetic tools for your relationships,

your work/business,

and your life!

Boundaries training for women who are ready to take their work/business and lives to the next level!



We invite you to join us, for 4 days and three nights of experiential learning, exploration, and breakthrough at North Carolina’s Crystal Coast.

Do you find yourself carrying other people’s ‘stuff’ (emotions, heaviness, challenges) home with you?

Do you feel frustrated or disempowered in your work/business?

Do you find yourself turning to depleting patterns (food/tv/emotional drama with others) instead of giving yourself what you really need? 

These are all symptoms of ineffective energetic boundaries.

The good news is, YOU can change this!!


We will combine powerful coaching tools, embodiment experiences, and group and individual exercises, to acknowledge our current boundaries. You will then learn how to create new boundaries that support your relationships, your work/business, and your lives.

You will go home empowered with the tools and experiences to create and maintain healthy boundaries, for a thriving work/business, authentic relationships, and a vibrant life.

  You will have time each morning for self care and integration; a sunrise walk along the ocean, meditation in the cupola with a view of the surrounding island, journal writing, yoga stretches…

 We will guide you on a journey through these 4 days… of discovery, embodiment, integration, and celebration. A journey that gives you the awareness and tools to empower YOU!

With the perfect combination of powerful coaching, deep guided processes, sharing time, rejuvenation on the water – boating to Shakleford Banks (home of the wild Banker Ponies), walking pristine beaches, a sunset sailboat ride, space for self-care, and empowering connection with other amazing women – you will be bathed in love, held in sacred space, seen for who you REALLY are, celebrated and supported!

Expect deep connection, laughter, and profound growth, in a loving and safe environment.