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Dive in With Us: Blog | Journey Into Being

Podcast: Come to Hawaii for the next Journey into Being Retreat!

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 10.22.27 PM

Come join us in Hawaii in April for our first Hawaiian, Journey into Being Retreat! This retreat will be held on The Big Island of Hawaii, co-facilitated by Elizabeth, Dr Donna Stapp and Kat. Listen in to the podcast to see if this retreat might be right for you!  Find out more about what we are cooking up next month! There is still space for a few more people to join us!

Join us for 4 days and 3 nights as we share the magic of the island, swim with the wild spinner dolphins, and have fun! Our special focus of how our boundaries can support us in our journey home to ourselves.


View from the lanai:

Podcast: Completions

view from Donna's Lanai JPG


Before diving into New Year’s Resolutions, join us as we discuss the importance of completing our current year.   We also guide you through a process with powerful questions to help you complete 2014 gently, powerfully, and peacefully.




Completion questions for 2015:

What were my successes?

What did I do really well?

What do I feel good about?

What did I do that I haven’t given myself credit for?

What am I still holding onto in 2014?

What am I still holding onto that is older than this year?

 What wants to be completed?

What wants to be acknowledged?

What wants to honored?

What wants to be forgiven?

What wants to be released?

What did I learn?

What were the “golden nuggets”?

What knowledge will I bring with me into the future?

Is there any communication with others that I need to have to be able to end 2014 peacefully?

What held me back in 2014?

What does my highest self want me to know that will help me to complete 2014 gently, powerfully and peacefully?

Who am I most grateful for? (The people who are coming up clearly, you might just want to reach out and tell them.)

What are my strengths and skills that I am most grateful for?

What are my best qualities and gifts?

How can I share my gifts with others more?

A couple of forward-thinking questions:

What most wants to emerge from me in 2015?

What am I being called to create?

What am I willing to do to align with my vision?


Know that all of these questions are going to be bubbling and percolating. And when you revisit this you will tap into your own Inner Wisdom to find your answers. If it helps you, write down the questions and your uncensored, private answers!


Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday.


Much love,

Kat and Elizabeth

Completing 2014 gently, powerfully and peacefully.

           view from Donna's Lanai JPG


Greetings from Captain Cook on the South Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. My wonderful husband, John, and I are fifteen hundred feet above sea level, staying on a working farm with banana, papaya, mango, orange and lime trees; coffee and avocado too. We accepted an invitation from Donna, my mentor and friend, to come to her new home. We decided to travel light this season and enjoy our holiday basking in the Aloha Energy. It has been wonderful being in the warm Hawaiian waters where the dolphins meet in the mornings.

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12/12/14 Podcast: What’s your Story?

IMG_7550What’s your story? Click the link to listen to this week’s podcast.  Check out the questions below to help you



As we’re diving into the Holiday Season, we’re taking this time to look at how you can support your healthy boundaries.  This time of year can be challenging for us, as we face the added stress of the holidays, as well as time spent with family members that we may not usually connect with.   This is a time for many, to reconnect with their families of origin, and while that can be a wonderful experience, it can also trigger old patterns, that haven’t completely healed. One of the ways we can the past is to focus on the present and know in our hearts that the past is simply our history and does not need to be our actual story.

If someone were to ask you “What’s your Story?“,  how would you answer them?  When we talk about story we are not talking about your your past, your roles in your family of origin, your job, social status, or your current dramas. We are talking about the underlying themes that run through your life and mark you as being who you uniquely are.   Think of your story as a living document that you are writing every day.  It isn’t set in stone, we get to live our story how we choose. Deeply understanding your story can support your life with healthy boundaries.

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What’s your story? (…and why is it so important?)


I’m not talking about the drama you’re currently going through.

Not your relationships, job, or hobby. Not the roles you play, and not the beliefs you use to define you. Not your bank account, or zip code.

Your story goes deeper.

You can find it like a gold thread that runs through your life, weaving the disparate pieces together into a beautiful pattern; one that reveals who you are underneath your circumstances, dramas, beliefs, and seasons.

Because when it comes right down to it, when you don’t know who you are, you spend a boatload of energy trying to be something else. And that’s exhausting.

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Podcast: Energy Tools for the Holidays and Beyond


Happy Holidays!!! Today we’re sharing some quick and easy tools you can use to keep yourself grounded, balanced, and feeling great through the holidays and beyond. Try them out and see what a difference they can make!! Leave your comments below, and share which ones are your favorites.




Energy Tools to Thrive This Holiday Season

5380355245_dbcfcffbdf_b                                                    Photo by Kevin Dooley


On last week’s podcast we talked about how Journey into Being is about coming home to ourselves. We talked about how fast paced life can be, especially during the holidays.  One of the tips Elizabeth shared was to make sure to prioritize time for yourself. This is particularly important for an introvert.  An introvert recharges by spending time alone, away from other folks.  As you carve out a few minutes here and there, think about what you want to experience this holiday season. Ask yourself:  How do I want to feel? Do you want to be frenzied, stressed and rushed?  Or would you prefer to be energized, loving, calm, peaceful, and connected to your inner wisdom?  When you are aligned with yourself, you are more easily able to connect with your truth and your core desired feelings?

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Podcast: Letting go of ‘Nice’


‘Nice’ is the death knell for real relationship… and it’s a breeding ground for resentment, stress, overwhelm, and misery. With the holiday season before us, we take a look at how much ‘nice’ crops up in our lives… how we can recognize it… and how to start changing it.

Click the player below to listen in with us! We’d love for you to share your thoughts and experiences with this, below.

Celebrating the Journey…

Kat & Elizabeth

When being ‘nice’, hurts…


woman-with-head-in-hands.2I didn’t know how to say ‘no’.

Now, I could form the word, make the sound, and I knew what it meant, and even when to use it. But I couldn’t say it for me. It just wouldn’t come out.

It wasn’t ‘nice’.

As I child, I couldn’t say that I was unhappy at school. That I was bored. That I hated how mean the kids were to each other. That I lived in a world of my own imagination, to get away from it. It never occurred to me to say such things. They weren’t ‘nice’. It must be me who was the problem. So, instead I learned to lie. I was ‘fine’…

I didn’t know how to say ‘no’ at 12, when the 15 year old neighbor boy invited me to his house for ice cream, and started touching me in ways I didn’t want. And then took my hand and made me touch him. It wasn’t ‘nice’ to say ‘no’ and walk out. Instead, I walked home for supper that night, feeling dirty and ruined, complicit in my own violation.

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Podcast: Come join us!

seaside grass 1200

There are only a few spots left for our November 2-5 Boundaries for Women Training & Retreat.

If you’re ready to experience loving, honoring relationships…

If you’re ready to show up powerfully in your work or business…

If you’re ready to inspire respect from those you interact with…

If you’re ready to make the money that you’re worth…

Follow your “Yes!”


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