Completing 2014 gently, powerfully and peacefully.

           view from Donna's Lanai JPG


Greetings from Captain Cook on the South Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. My wonderful husband, John, and I are fifteen hundred feet above sea level, staying on a working farm with banana, papaya, mango, orange and lime trees; coffee and avocado too. We accepted an invitation from Donna, my mentor and friend, to come to her new home. We decided to travel light this season and enjoy our holiday basking in the Aloha Energy. It has been wonderful being in the warm Hawaiian waters where the dolphins meet in the mornings.


We’re not on an official business trip, even though John and I both have projects and launches that require our attention. Although not planned, this has ended up being a bit of a working trip for us. It’s not bad working from Hawaii. The biggest challenge is the time difference. We are two hours behind the west coast and five hours behind the east coast. I am a little late with my blog post this week because I have been sitting more than usual overlooking this view. Honestly, who could blame me?




papaya orange view 2

                                                         Fresh papaya and oranges picked from the trees on the farm.







I’ve been waiting for inspiration and clarity. As my pace has slowed down, I notice that a couple of layers of “stuff” have peeled off since we arrived on Saturday. All of the stress leading up to leaving on the trip is now gone. In addition to the regular stress of travel, we had a severe storm that left a vast amount of water under our house on the day we were scheduled to fly.

It feels so good to be in warm weather now, and not to have to bundle up. It is good to feel that my cheeks are a little sun kissed. It feels good to have the room to take a couple of deep breaths and connect in with the present moment. It feels good to connect with the land and the water of this magical place. This is my happy place: The place where I let go of energetic stuff and fill my tank with rest, movement, sunshine, papayas and avocados. I love it here. I remember Donna telling me almost 30 years ago about her dream to live here someday. It feels good to celebrate her dream come true.


It is beautiful here and time appears to move a little slower. Even though it feels like I am grooving to a slower pace, I am aware that the clock is ticking and soon 2015 will be upon us. We are less than 2 weeks away from the new year. I am so excited about 2015 and the fun programs and retreats cooking up! Still there is a little voice inside of me telling me that before I can really dive into all that is ahead, I must carve out a little bit of time to complete 2014. Before we run arms wide open into 2015, Elizabeth and I want to invite you to join us as we take a look at 2014.


I use an honoring and learning process for me personally to get “complete with 2014”. Here are a bunch of questions that I am asking myself and also sharing on the Journey Into Being blog. I hope it helps you to complete 2014 too and bring you forward into 2015.


Elizabeth and I will be doing a completion process on our podcast in the next few days.  Come join us! In the meantime, I invite you to read through the questions below with a sense of wonder and allow some time for the questions to percolate. Perhaps you can read through and revisit in a day or two to see what has bubbled up for you.


Completion questions for 2015:

What were my successes?

What did I do really well?

What do I feel good about?

What did I do that I haven’t given myself credit for?

What am I still holding onto in 2014?

What am I still holding onto that is older than this year?

 What wants to be completed?

What wants to be acknowledged?

What wants to honored?

What wants to be forgiven?

What wants to be released?

What did I learn?

What were the “golden nuggets”, the bits of learning that are so important that I want to make sure to remember?

What knowledge will I bring with me into the future?

Is there any communication with others that I need to have to be able to end 2014 peacefully?

What held me back in 2014?

What does my highest self want me to know that will help me to complete 2014 gently, powerfully and peacefully?

Who am I most grateful for? (The people who are coming up clearly, you might just want to reach out and tell them.)

What are my strengths and skills that I am most grateful for?

What are my best qualities and gifts?

How can I share my gifts with others more?



Poinsettia TreeJPG

                                                                        These poinsettias are as big as trees!

A couple of forward-thinking questions:

What most wants to emerge from me in 2015?

What am I being called to create?

What am I willing to do to align with my vision?


Know that all of these questions are going to be bubbling and percolating. And when you revisit this you will tap into your own Inner Wisdom to find your answers. If it helps you, write down the questions and your uncensored, private answers!  Elizabeth and I are so excited to launch our Boundaries for Life program, in late January!  It is a 12 week program designed to empower you have boundaries that support you for life. Consider this a little bit of pre-work to get your mind prepared to support all of your life in 2015!


Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday. Be good to yourself.


Mele Kalikimaka!!


xoxo kat