Journey into Being Training
and Retreats Presents:

2016 Hawaii Women's Retreat!!
May 15-18
With Elizabeth Love, CLC, Kathleen Nelson Troyer, & Dr. Donna Stapp

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Get ready to transform your life!

Special Price: $1500

Regular Price $2000
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Come join us on the Big Island of Hawaii for 4 magical days of growth and becoming!

Take the next steps into who you are...

  • Swim with the wild Spinner Dolphins of Hawaii
  • Experience being held in a safe, honoring space
  • Dive deep into your own unfolding
  • Release old stuck patterns
  • Take practical steps to creating healthy boundaries

Why a Hawaii Retreat?

Experience the magical synergy of Hawaii, the wild Spinner Dolphins, and 3 powerful women (2 coaches and a therapist) holding a sacred space for you!

Join us to discover...

  • Who You Are Under Your Story

  • How to Start Valuing Your Own Worth

  • When Your Boundaries are not Effective

  • How to Create the Effective Boundaries that Truly Nurture YOU

  • What is Wanting to Emerge in Your Life

  • How to Stop Playing "Nice" & Start Showing Up REAL

  • How to Create Healthy Relational Agreements

  • How to Transform Old Stuck Patterns

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You Deserve This!!

Kathleen Nelson Troyer & Dr Donna Stapp

Elizabeth Love

A Safe, Nurturing Space

In this powerful retreat, we hold you in a safe, nurturing space, where you are guided, encouraged, and led through our unique discovery process.

We’ve been there… and we continue to grow on this path!

So we know the pitfalls… the swampy places… the washouts in the road… the boogie men who jump out at you, along the trail. They don’t surprise or scare us anymore. ;)

We will help you past them, support and celebrate you as you step into your own, and give you the tools to take what you've gained home with you!

What would it be like for you to show up powerfully alive in your life?

When you get away from the daily grind, immerse yourself in the transformative energy of Hawaii... something magical happens.

You're worth it... your dreams are worth it... your relationships are worth it...

Experience the transformation you've longed for!!

Are You Ready?

It's your turn to experience life in a whole new way.

Sunday, May 15 - Wednesday, May 18

Price includes all Retreat activities - Dolphin swim, Luau, 4 days of powerful experiential growth and transformation!

Participants responsible for airfare to Kona Airport, and lodgings/car rental while there.

(We have a great list of places to stay!!)

  • Do you want to accept, love, and value yourself more than you ever thought possible?
  • Are you ready to experience clarity, confidence, trust in yourself?
  • Do you want to show up powerfully in your world?
  • Do you want to make the money you deserve?
  • Do you desire rewarding relationships, based on mutual honor and respect?

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Regular Price $2000


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