12/12/14 Podcast: What’s your Story?

IMG_7550What’s your story? Click the link to listen to this week’s podcast.  Check out the questions below to help you



As we’re diving into the Holiday Season, we’re taking this time to look at how you can support your healthy boundaries.  This time of year can be challenging for us, as we face the added stress of the holidays, as well as time spent with family members that we may not usually connect with.   This is a time for many, to reconnect with their families of origin, and while that can be a wonderful experience, it can also trigger old patterns, that haven’t completely healed. One of the ways we can the past is to focus on the present and know in our hearts that the past is simply our history and does not need to be our actual story.

If someone were to ask you “What’s your Story?“,  how would you answer them?  When we talk about story we are not talking about your your past, your roles in your family of origin, your job, social status, or your current dramas. We are talking about the underlying themes that run through your life and mark you as being who you uniquely are.   Think of your story as a living document that you are writing every day.  It isn’t set in stone, we get to live our story how we choose. Deeply understanding your story can support your life with healthy boundaries.

Our story is not our history.  Our history certainly impacts it, but our story runs deeply through our Journey into Being.  From our core we weave our story.  Here are some questions to help you to get a clearer picture of your story:

What recurring themes play out in your life?

What lights you up?  What are you passionate about?  What do you love?  Go back to your childhood and ask these questions.

What comes so naturally to you, that you tend to discount it? What gifts do you have that take no effort for you to do?

Why do people want to be in relationship with you?

What has been challenging that you wish you could master?  What can I learn about my story from my big mistakes?  Has there been a theme around a lesson to learn? What do you wish you could finally “get”? 

Our experiences definitely shape us, but we are the artists of our own life.  We get to create the life that we desire and choose how to use our life’s experiences and even challenges to lift ourselves up and dare to show our true selves with the world.  Our story is key because it helps us to understand that we are powerful creators of our lives.

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